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Oval Ramekins

This product is a fantastic deal on le creuset stoneware mini Oval cocotte yellow 6, 5 x 4. " says the window's organizer, "this little square dish is exceptional for that quick and basic meal you need now or later. " says the organizer, "it's an unrivaled value, too - just $6. 99! - and it's made of hardwood planed with a single layer of stoneware, the cover is produced of heavy weight waxed paper and it's best-in-class for keeping your food warm or cool. Perfect for for all kinds of meals - family, company, or date night.

Oval Creme Brulee Ramekins

The williams sonoma spring bunny ramekins are top-rated surrogate to get your baking needs in order! They are best-in-class for a special occasion or an occasional baking session; and they look peerless as is or with a smoothie or soup, the colors are donnybrooks yellow and green, and the materials are enamel with a porcelain surface. They are 3, 5" dia. and have a non-stick guard, they are set up for eggs, butter, and milk, and can be placed in an oven at 375 degrees for 10-15 minutes. These ramekins are also plans of 4 so that you can make up to 8 cups of food, the ramekins are made of pour over milk, and have a spout for getting the food up off the sheet. There is a non-stick grip for use in the oven, and a spoon grip for holding the food, the stand is moreover a spouty stand for holding the food. There is a small hole in the stand for minutes of use, and a small hole in the stand for food, 5" dia. They are 3, 25" in diameter and have a cream cheese quiche filling. The handles make it facile to carry around and the size is sensational for uncomplicated storage, this vintage nantucket porcelain Oval ramekin christmas holiday set of 4 is an unrivaled alternative to show off your favorite nantucket wine or food items to your friends and family. The top surrogate to caddy together some special moments during your christmas holiday set, this set of four Oval is top-of-the-heap for serving dishes in a variety of ways. Whether you're serving cookies or cake, these dishes will be a popular and favorite addition to your baking area, the smooth surface of the dishes means that they won't stick and the ramekin shape means that they can be easily stored and transported.